Yup v2 Proposal

This is rough idea of Yup v2 and compared to Yup v1.
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this is interesting. How would you divide up the rewards and measure value in the cases of some of this more abstract components?

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As curation is major use of Yup, it will get highest % allocation of the tokenomics.

Feature of refilling rating power will get YUP back to treasury.

Down the road, we can reward users with in-house NFTs after we launch our own NFT marketplace. Less burden on YUP distribution.

L2 solutions will accelerate the overall flow of YUP across the markets.

Social network of Yup will feature donations to Yup, tipping users with YUP, allowing creators to promote their content with YUP.

Governance with YUP tokens and LP tokens will strengthen the tokenomics.

Better overall look and feel of Yup platform, as I suggested in other proposals, will be major factor in attracting new users to Yup.