Yup Twitter solution

We may have experienced one or another issue while rating on twitter at some point of time. Most recent extension update brought ability to disable automatic rating with actions like “Like”.

I have little better solution and probably a good one: Why not make a dedicated switch to manage Yup on twitter?

Switch/button may look like this at the end of side panel:

By clicking that button, user gets option to resume automatic rating and can see all his previously rated tweets and other stats like total tweets voted, most rated vote, etc.

Is this possible to do? @nir @andrei0x309 @daniiba @PBJ


Hey @harsh, we definitely want people to be able to toggle passive rating on and off, and it would be cool if people could filter for twitter-specific activity on Yup, but having a button like this would be both hard to integrate and relatively obstructive for users.

Do you think it’s not obvious enough how to turn off passive rating?

Also I think a better place to filter for tweets would be in the analytics channel or on people’s profiles.

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I pointed out in last meeting that passive rating for YouTube is not working by just toggling on & off. Maybe you missed it. But then I saw this integration of Mask.io with twitter and I was wondering if we can integrate Yup with twitter like that?

We could, but only if the benefits would outweigh the additional noise

Agreed with the noise part.

Is there any way to beta test this ?:laughing:

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