Yup Telegram Announcement Channel

Hello Yuppers,

It is very important for us to show our presence in major social media platforms to reach certain level of trust and grow our userbase. Presence on Telegram can benefit the project and can help to reach new users. Telegram is hub of crypto users and go-to platform for their source of news and updates.

Yup can start with an announcement channel on Telegram. Where official events and news will be regularly posted. After gaining good users, we can do AMA on telegram, discord & twitter. Potential partnerships with famous telegram groups for AMA.

Comment your thoughts.


Cool. Would this be just an announcement tg group or can people chat? If so, I believe @cryptoleon has created one (English speaking)

Like the ama idea too

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For starters, Official Announcement channel would be good. Once we are regular there, we will open discussion channel.

Yeah, I made a group:

But is good idea have oficial channels to publish the new about Yup, telegram can be used To attract more users to Yup and Discord it is more organized and you can prevent scammers who are a plague on telegram.


To avoid multiple channels and potential scams, official channel named YupOfficial or YupProtocol should be made by the team.

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