Yup Premium Version

Should we have a Yup Premium? What should it cost?
What features would you like to see in it?


Another premium use case:

Allowing users to create a “Collection Pages” like app.yup.io/nir.

It will make users competitive to create good collections for their own “pages”.

This will be separate from app.yup.io/profile/nir.


Paid in YUP: 50% burn 50% to the team
Subscription period: 1 month / 12 months /24 months


  • 20% no of votes ( this will work if you decrease the current no of votes)
  • min 50 points of rawInfluence
  • being able to change the username
  • being able to delete the account
  • get a score boost of 5
  • get a Subscription NFT
  • boost your posts to a New feed
  • access to 2-3 premium
  • set NFTs as PFPs
  • set ENS as username

I was thinking about private collections as well.

First you gotta pay for a premium account which allows you to have private collections.

Not everyone can apply for a premium account.

Anyone trying to get a premium account should have X number of followers, 99 influence (this is something to discuss), some other features could be added here. It shouldn’t be impossible to meet all the requirements but not too easy at the same time

Only premium accounts can have private collections.

Premium user could set the price of a specific collection of their own.

Anyboby could buy a private collection from premium accounts.

Payment should be made in $YUP.

50% could go to the collection creator and the other 50% could be burned. The percentage rate could be submitted to vote and let the community decide.

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I like this idea, lets make it happen!!