Yup Account Verification

I signed up on 2nd August and still im not able to use the platform.

It is a vicious circle of email confirmation.

  1. I sign up for the very first time by email
  2. I verify email for the very first time
  3. i click extension
  4. it takes me back to Login page.
  5. i type my email and hit login
  6. it says email does not have account and sends me another verification mail
  7. i can verify my email like this infinite time and still not use the platform

my email: yutashim4@gmail.com


How does user verification works on yup anyway?
@nir @PBJ


I m still stuck on the verification loop.

I go to app.yup.io or click extension
It takes me to Login page
I write my email
It says this email do not have account yet
I get verification link in email
I click the link
it shows blank black page

This cycle goes on and on and on.

Hey Yuta! Iā€™d recommend logging-in with Twitter. Iā€™m also a new member on Yup. Or try using another email. Hopefully, an admin can help you soon or one of these solutions works! Good luck and take care!

I created my first twitter account and tried to log in with it. I can not.

Why any of officials are not responding

Sorry to hear about that. Officials are busy, but Iā€™m sure someone will respond soon! Wish you the best of luck with the problem!

day 21 of the same problem
cant use the yup extension