Yup account deletion

Good morning I request the option for a user to delete their yup account if they wish to do so, greetings


this is a great idea!


I support this because it reduces any friction or additional support work.

It also makes it much easy to be compliant with best privacy practices, and with GDPR, the user can solve his issues on his own without contacting support, also better for testing since we have some testing users now that are in production due to the new staging backend, is easier to clean up after a test.


Now that the model of registering and logging in with an eth account has been adopted, I think it is a good idea to have these two options:

  • Block an account: you can not do anything with it but the information remains public, I think in cases where a user finds his account violated by someone else and wants to keep his profile on the internet.

  • Delete the account: when a user simply wants to delete his entire profile.


good idea I would like to contribute that the user can change or update his eth wallet as before so the user does not bother the support for that or wait a long time to be solved that I have 1 neighbor who has this problem and wants to update his eth wallet and can not cured content because the payments that arrive to him arrive is to the wallet that was hacked a few months ago.