Where could I check my weekly distribution?

Oh, haha is there a link to check eos-yup reward distribution. I think that would be a good link for new people coming into the project. :herb:

Hi, the rewards are deposited in the EOS network, each user has an EOS account which is where the votes are recorded and where they deposit the rewards, you can verify which is your EOS account by going into the extension > menu > wallet and you can see your EOS account, then from an EOS block explorer like bloks.io you can verify your account and if you have received rewards.

I also recommend that you use the following form so that the developers can verify the information better and know what is going on with your account:

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Thanks leon!

Platform: idk this one MacOS? Macbook

My funds have been stagnant for over a week. Last week I had starter Yup and it went up as it was distributed

Apparently if you received a reward yesterday, the documents mention the following:

Not all votes get rewards

Your own opinion doesn’t simply make you money because you expressed it. It’s only worth something if others agree. If nobody rates the same as you, it means you’re either late on that opinion or it’s an unpopular opinion, so you won’t earn rewards for that rating.

More influence more money

Your is a measure of your social value on Yup. Currently, it’s mostly a measure of your YUP token holdings and rewards you’ve previously received. However, at launch of the full Yup Protocol, there will be additional factors that affect your influence.

I have seen your profile on app.yup.io and most of what you have curated has only your vote, maybe that’s why you have received very few rewards.

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Thanks leon for the detailed response! Haha, oh. I’ll keep that in mind from now on. Do more YUP coins allow for more voting per day?

Yes, Currently the amount of daily votes available depends on the amount of YUP you have:

If you have less than 0.5 YUP you can vote 10 times every 24 hours.
If you have more than 0.5 YUP you can vote 15 times every 24 hours.
If you have more than 100 YUP you can vote 20 times every 24 hours.

Regarding the change of title and message of this publication, I will answer you:
On yup.live you can see the statistics of how many YUPs have been distributed daily along with other data such as price, YUPs in circulation and total transfers.

In https://yup.io/ Here are links to more information about the protocol.

And in app.yup.io you can find a section where you can see an analysis of the YUPs you have won, what you have in hold as well as how you are voting with YUP, just click in Analytics.

Thanks for all your help @cryptoleon! Another way you can check your rewards @love_you is by checking out the analytics page in the sidebar of the Web App app.yup.io