What possibility is to be NFT Native to give another usefulness to the Token Yup?

Thus producing an internal market and a circuit of capilalizable functionalities.

The NFT would be amocked to repotting the votes for healing content and also to make fighting between users, if they want it, betting their voted contents or a collection, and the rewards obtained in these until that moment would be the prize, or But it can be done, that the bet on content or collection, changed to the hand of the one who obtained the victory, thus get the possibility of obtaining future rewards of these.

The NFTs could be 3 classes and evolutionary multi-levels, and from the Farmeo or combination each other. Until also give the possibility of creating NFT of related classes to the type of platform that further a user, account or profile (for example, content from YouTube, Twitter, etc …), that is, NFT only enhancers for these platforms.

  • The 3 basic NFT classes (category 1º) would be: Like, Smart, Funny, whose power recovers would be 3/5 (about 300,000 in total, being 100 thousand for each type: LIKE, SMART, FUNNY).

  • Also there should be other NFTs (category 2º) on a fewer quantity but of the same challenges reponentiated in 2/5 and 4/5 (about 30,000 in total, being 10 thousand for each type: Like, Smart, Funny), and for the last , and more scarce,

  • other NFTs (category 3º) repudishers of 1/5 and 5/5 (about 3,000 in total, being 1 thousand for each type: Like, Smart, Funny).

  • The idea is that these can also make combinations among other NFTs to evolve or reform, both in the vote of repotentiary and the kind of NFT to participate, which could be referred to as category 4º, (for example an Nft Like-Smart, Like- Funny, Smart-Funny <About 100 of each type>, and even a combo of the three classes,

  • category 5º <about 10 in total of this type>, all of them also with 3/5 repotentation variants, 2/5 4/5, 1/5 5/5). Each user could change them, buy them or sell them in a marketplace.

Regarding a basic distribution reference in Tokenomiks, the affectation to use initially would be 3,800,000 yup. While the values ​​to acquire them initially, it would only be in yup and in parity of yup (that is, beyond the value of the yup in the exchange market) yup = yup.

  • The three classes of NFT (category 1º) would cost each one 1 yup (being 300,000 in total yup).
  • NFT (category 2º), it would cost 20 yup (about 600,000 in total yup), and for the last,
  • NFT (category 3º) would cost each 300 yup (about 900,000 in total yup).
  • Likewise for the NFT category 4º, it would cost each 6,000 yup <about 600,000 in total yup>,
  • and finally the category 5º, they would cost each 20,000 yup <about 200,000 in total yup>, in the lowest variant of 3/5, about 400,000 in total yup in variant 2/5 - 4/5, about 800,000 in total yup in variant 1/5 - 5/5.

I thank you for your time to read me.