What do we think about music NFTs?

there’s been a rise in music NFTs:

Catalog reached ATHs in users and sales
Sound.xyz just launched
another music nft project just raised $2.5m

What do we think about it? How should it fit more into Yup assuming its a rising trend? we currently have audius and spotify integrations but what about zora, catalog, sound, etc.


I think Yup should become or gain the reputation and get the reputation of a mega compilation manager, catalyst, certifier and disseminator in the NFT item, beyond the subject it was. Constitute how many alliances and societies can be specified with related projects or protocols.

I don’t really know much about music platforms, but it would be another interesting market that Yup could tap into, why not? If we can cover more platforms and bring Yup to more people I think it’s great.