Web3 Metadata as Content

thinking of unique ways that metadata like minting, bidding, voting, can become content on yup and in web3 social in general. Will add more here soon.

Any thoughts?


I think that will be great. It will be step forward towards Web3 social engagement and web3 footprint!


any additional thoughts on this? here’s a random wireframe I made on these thoughts a few months ago:



This looks more like a notification alerts. People do not want just to be notified about the txn and time. They want to know what was the action on chain. Like it was an NFT mint on xyz dapp or it was a micro transfer of 0.001 ETH or it was a whale transfer of 10 ETH or it was purchse/bid on Opensea/Foundation etc.

I think before every sentence in a txn, there should be an icon representing the action. Below that line, time stamp, txn hash link, platform link (if possible to extract) or platform icon there. I hope you get the picture of that.