Voting pallet UI Bug

OS: Windows 10 21H2
Browser: Edge
Extension Version: 0.6.2

This bug came alive last evening. It was working fine before that.




Hey @harsh. Could you include your OS, Browser, Extension version, and how these two bugs came about? Would help the team diagnose and solve the issue faster

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Done, edited the post.

This is triggered only for tweets that aren’t appended to the bottom of the feed.
Also, this affected older versions too here is a screenshot using the older version:


The overlay will decrease the z-index by one for every tweet starting from 10k but it only thinks that tweets will be appended to the bottom of the feed and not to the top, when Twitter will append tweets to the top it will obviously create a bug since in that instance the z-index should be increased and not decreased.

Detecting how a tweet will be appended will be an overkill in my opinion.
I think you can get rid of the “bug” by stoping autoloading of tweets from Twitter settings:

  • Click on “Settings and Privacy”.
  • Click on “Accessibility”.
  • Toggle “Reduce Motion” to the on position.

Personally, I am pretty much against these overlays, since there are many site owners that complain about how they don’t want their website to be modified by an extension, and Chrome at some point will allow site owners to block such modifications.

Also, they can already do that by using more stringent CSP headers that will only allow code from specific domains, also in manifest V3 without blocking webRequest API you can’t overwrite the CSP headers of a page which means you have no way of injecting code.

Also, the Twitter overlay will create a lot of resource waste since that overlay will load every time you see a vote button an entire fat Vue instance, which will also register a lot of event listeners that aren’t unregistered later which means that will heavily degrade twitter performance.

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It is still the bug/issue for me. Not resolved.