Voting from the extension is taken as a 5/5 vote

I am noticing thanks to several users of the Spanish community and I have confirmed right now that the votes for the extension:
1 like is taken as a 5/5 vote and is seen with a x3 consuming 8% of the rating.

Example: one-time vote

After closing the extension and checking again, I can see that a vote was made x3.
And 8% of the rating is consumed.

Voting x1 or 3/5 consumes 1% of the rating.
And this is how it looks in the extension.

On we can see users voting 5 and others 3.

I ask is this a bug? a vote in the extension should be taken x1 or are we doing something wrong that it is taking x3?


@daniiba thoughts on this?

This has been fixed with the latest extension update.