Verified Account - Discussed in meeting 6/3/2021

As discussed in the community meeting of 6/3/2021, this would be a feature that will help verify the account.

The team said they could be ok with such a feature if it’s created using a technology that is privacy-friendly(verifies that you are a human without using privacy-invasive methods like uploading documents). One such suggested provider was

Also, this process should be opt-in, initiated by the user at their leisure after they signed up, without being enforced or being part of the sign-up process.

Furthermore, it was suggested that You should be able to link the Yup account with other identities/social platforms and if you are the owner of those identities you should be able to unlink. ( A solution that I have seen on many websites is that when you try to link an identity that’s already in use, that identity is removed from the account that is using it and linked to the account that made the request, that way you guarantee that the owner of that identity is always in control)

#1 This was the original proposal (check above for update):

Verified Account - Feature

It would be great, if there would be an optional process to verify your account, using KYC technology.

Those who choose to be verified will receive a verified YUPster account badge visible on their profile.

This feature can help boost rating credibility for YUP in general and accounts that want to be verified.

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