Use treasury funds to start Axie Scholarship Program

This proposal can be the game changer for Yup.

Many of you might not know about Axie and hence Axie Scholarships. This is a proposal to use Yup treasury funds to create few slots of Axie Scholarship.

This have some serious advantages:

  1. Scholars can play & earn
  2. Constant return on Yup’s initial investment in the form of SLP tokens
  3. Yup will have SLP in its treasury and that factor may land us partnership with Axie Infinity
  4. Axie itself are NFTs which means Yup can sell them to recover the amount invested in long term
  5. Yup can create eligibility criterions to apply for scholarship. Like follow Yup on various social media platforms, token holdings, liquidity providers, Yup users etc.
  6. In long term, leaderboard of top performing scholars on Yup Leaderboard, rewards for top scholars in $YUP

We can start with as little as 5 scholarship in the beginning. Scholars need to complete daily quota of minimum SLP, if they can’t their share will shrink.

Please comment your views.


Sounds interesting, the axies community is getting bigger and bigger and they might be interested in YUP.