Use POAP for meetings

Proposed by @andrei0x309

We should add POAP badges for people to earn who attend meetings.


Here’s an unlisted Youtube video link to see is pretty easy, you only need a POAP logo 500x500 PNG.
I don’t know if everything can be automated(I’ll look into it), if not manually it takes 5 minutes.

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I see some claims were made for the first POAP POAP Gallery .

I’ll try to make an APP(I already am at 40%), then probably a CNAME to it should be assigned to it so it will have a proper URL like

So the app should be simple, on the front page you’ll have to input your ETH address or ENS name and a password that will be given in the mid of the community meeting on gather, you input those to get your claim link.

It should also have an admin interface for someone to input the links.

Also, feel free to submit better design Badges for the POAP.
The image should be PNG or APNG 500x500px(by POAP app recommendations), round shape with some 10px off the margins.
Here’s the design I used in case it might be helpful: 1.9 MB file on MEGA

For constancy, once the community has chosen a POAP BADGE we should only change the date text on it.

Also, the POAP will have some metadata, I currently put the following feel free to suggest metadata changes:


YUP Community Meeting ${date}



POAP for the community meeting held on ${date}.


Also, expire term limit to claim is set 1 day after the meeting.