Twitter Profile Update

  1. Changing the description:

    Instead of this: ✺ curate ✺ NFTs, Tweets, Videos, Tokens, Articles, Songs… you get the idea
    lets make it: Front Page of #Web3

  2. Make a pinned tweet a link:
    Preferably or link to our Discord server.

  3. Collection Tweets:
    When Yup makes a tweet about any collection, lets include a #Collection and # of what is it about. Max 2-3 # would extend the reach of the tweet.

  4. Same thing can be done for community meetings, but it will come with the risk of unwanted people barging in the meeting.

  5. NFT tweets:
    Whenever Yup features any NFT from any creator, make sure to add #NFT with that.

All of these things are proposed with the one thing in my mind: to extend the reach of Yup’s tweets.

I hope team will consider this.