Twitter Extension Issues

Context: try to use yup to rate on this tweet

When I used Brave broswer, the yup extension interface is almost hidden as the pic shown.

Then I switched to Chrome, the yup extension missed as the pic shown.

The button is loaded in an async way, so when you have many requests it might not show up immediately, generally, as you scroll through the tweets the button appears, also you can’t really control that much since the requests are captured by Twitter js service worker that may choose to block some request or delay them, you have to understand that for every button that you see a request through the API is made in order get the data for a specific post so for every tweet that you see a request will be made.

Probably the “bug” with showing the pallet is yet another thing hard to control since Z-index even if it’s the absolute max number(2147483647) can’t be still cut off and shown below a parent element.
So you have to modify the style for a lot of elements that sometimes har hard to grab since nowadays some paths have even maybe hundreds of node paths and many elements don’t have a selectable identifier because they use dynamic scoped react classes.

Anyway, the pallet on Twitter from what I know may soon go away so it will not be a problem anymore.


Thx for the explanation. Also, learn a lot from the answer. So the best way to rate should be to rate in the yup extension for me.