Some Ideas for the project

1.- ID verification to prevent multiple accounts.

I think that in order to have the ability to receive rewards for curation, the extension should do a verification process for all yupsters, this would be to send a photo of the identity document or passport and a selfie with it. In this way we can avoid the multi-accounts that are bleeding the project. The team can review each application within one to two weeks if necessary.

2.- Increase the APR of liquidity providers but block farming for at least 6 months.

I know that there was a vote recently where it was decided to cut the rewards for liquidity providers by half, but while it made sense in the past, right now we are short on liquidity in both pools. So I think that to give the project more stability (and hopefully new investors), we could go back to having the previous liquidity percentages, since the APR drops every day anyway. At the same time, if someone wants to provide liquidity and earn rewards for farming, staking should be locked for at least 6 months or a year. I’ve seen other projects doing this to give stability to the token.

3.- Reduce the rating power according to the Yups on holding.

We’ve seen that there is currently a problem of new users who are earning more than they should due to their activity and the current formula of the influence. While I know the team is working on changing that, I think the rating power should change due to the current economics of the project as well. I propose something like this:

0-999 yup: 20 normal votes (3 points).

1000-4999 yup: 40 normal votes.

5000-9999 yup: 80 normal votes

10000+ yup: 120 normal votes.

These are some ideas that I have, I’ve talked about others ideas in the last proposals and if I think something else I will comment on here. Meanwhile, what do you think?