Social Token Alliance Swap


The team proposes swapping $25,000 of $YUP with five of the leading social token communities. This will have multiple benefits for Yup, including diversifying our treasury, aligning us with leading social token communities, and improving DAO2DAO relationships.

The Yup Treasury working group has been in talks with Treasury teams of these communities. We are seeking to build a long-term alliance among the leading communities in the sector that should bring Yup opportunities for years to come. This initial token swap is step one.


This is an opportunity for Yup to pioneer a D2D model with other leaders in the space. Participating communities include Bankless DAO, Krause House, Cabin, DAOHaus, and Forefront. The following lists both immediate benefits and a few potential opportunities that could be spawned from such an alliance.

Benefits to Yup

  • Treasury Diversification: We would diversify into 5 of the leading social token communities in one swap. Token swaps are particularly valuable in that no $YUP would need to be sold on the open market (thus putting downward pressure on our token).
  • Yup would be aligning ourselves financially with some of the leading social token communities. This should lead to greater collaborations and more opportunities for our community.
  • Yup would establish metagovernance rights in the participating DAOs.
  • Yup would be pioneering a new form of multi-DAO Alliances.
  • Future opportunities for collaboration amongst Alliance partners may include joining lobbying efforts, contributor sharing, collateralized loans, liquidity solutions, a joint VC fund, and more.


Yup would send $25,000 to a multi-sig wallet (of which we would be a signer). In return, we would receive:

$5,000 of $CABIN
$5,000 of $KRAUSE
$5,000 of $HAUS
$5,000 of $FF
$5,000 of $BANK

Tokens would be subject to a minimum of a 3-year lock.

For more details, please respond here :slight_smile:


This is a great initiative for the community and the dao.

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That 5 social token community is going to have $5000 of $YUP locked in?


Yes exactly. that’s the format of every proposal for all 6 DAOs

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Maybe we can come up with new discord server badges for those 5 DAO community members who joins Yup and our server!