Set up Grant to integrate more websites

Firstly, not very sure how much work should be done to complete an integration with the other website and how hard it is.

As yup DAO setup succeeded, I suggest creating grant programs to encourage more devs in the community to help the integration. It could facilitate the yup spreading and exploding.


i like this idea :slight_smile: what sites would you want to see?

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Maybe, we can set up a thread to collect opinions from the community and hold a regular voting activity. For a long-term goal, the integration could be done with SOP.
The rough process could be:

  • collect options from the community

  • setup a poll or snapshot for a voting

  • make a grant for integrations if the core team is not free

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Hey @SatBalwyn I think there’s two really strong points here!

  1. Setting up taskforces using DAO quests to decentralize the execution of larger tasks
  2. Finding out if other people think integrations are a top priority and which ones to choose.

We’ve already started #1 with memes and product(could still use a lot of work), and
it would be HUGE to have a dev taskforce as well

For #2, wanna set up two polls: 1) how important is integrating Yup with more sites? and follow that up with 2) Which sites would you like to see integrated? (And provide several options or types of sites).