Separate community meetings and future twitter spaces

Taking into account the connection problems of some users in gather where we have not been able to hear everyone who speaks well, the idea of doing it in twitter space came up.

With today’s experience, in my opinion, I think that the community meeting should be done either in gather (if it works as well as before, because the connection problems are from 3 weeks ago) or in the same Discord as before of gather, because in community meetings if the team wants to show something new by sharing the screen, twitter doesn’t have that option, gather and discord do.

And what about twitter space? Well, you can make a space where people are invited to participate and learn about YUP, or the Yupsters dedicate themselves to looking for spaces where the YUP team can participate in other communities and thus make the project known.

And this without adding that POAP can easily be given to the participants of the weekly meeting.


The issue with gather is that it seems to be very heavy in terms of bandwidth.

There are some reasons why Gather performs poorly:

  • 1 there are like at least 10-20 bots that connect to gather.
  • 2 they added much additional stuff, cars, pets, bubbles, etc…
  • 3 The lit protocol bot is subscribed to every movement that any user does which is not good for performance imagine that 10 ppl run around with 10 cars… and each car moves 10 squares per second… the bot will analyze 10**3 events per second which is a lot, that’s why I think bots that subscribe to user movements are very bad in terms of performance and scalability.
  • 4 lastly some users have a poor internet connection

When it comes to twitter spaces it has some nice features but was built mainly for hype you need 4 maybe 5 speakers to create a good dynamic engaging convo, because it lacks support for people directly engaging with questions and stuff which is probably the purpose… Since hyping and pumping works best when a select few will drive the narrative.

And finally, discord is something of a hybrid of Twitter spaces and gather, which means that users can have more interactivity than Twitter spaces but less than gather.

Discord has the disadvantage that bots roam even more than on Twitter, and defending against bots on discord is pretty dificult.


I like this idea. when do you think it should be?