Relationship Between Age and Activity in Influence

How do you think we could change the relationship between age and activity that would create more demand for token and reward quality rating and behavior


I totally agree. :+1: :+1: :+1:

I think you have to keep the time factor for the age, the time they keep the coin in the wallet, is the best way to reward those who do hold, and the quantity factor that keeps, and when I speak of the time factor, is that the tokens can block them for a certain time, 20 30 60 days. or that in that time sell to not affect the age, lower its influence and reward. Because that’s a way to insentivize doing hold.

And that would be rewarded.

I think that age should have more relevant than activity 'cause in that way, the token should have more value. People would want to hold or buy the token for having more influence.

I think that the activity should be more complicated to achieve and should not have much more weight than the age of the coin, because currently a routine is created where everyone goes to a single place to farm their activity that allows them to earn YUP to sell them as they are not necessary for their influence if they are dedicated to increase their activity every day.