Relationship Between Age and Activity in Influence II

Hi yupsters, following PBJ’s proposal about change the relationship between Age and Activity in influence, I think that a radical change must be necesary.

The only utility that Yup token has right now, is the possibility to earn more by curation when you hold them (age). But there are some new users that earn really well because of their activity, and they sell everything they earn. That means that right now is better to create a new account, vote for popular things and sell everything quick to keep a high activity, than have one account and hold the yup tokens. This problem is bleeding the economy of the project.

As @harsh said before, it seems like we are earning money from the air, and since the protocol migrated to polygon network the sell pressure has increased. That’s why I think that the relationship between Age and Activity must change from 40 Age/60 Activity to something like 90 Age/10 Activity. With a radical change like this, if new users want to earn more by curating, then they must:

  • Be patient and hold the earned Yups.
  • Buy Yup to improve the token’s age.
  • Invest on the liquidity pools to earn more yup by farming.

Please consider this proposal, I’m sure that a change like this could stop a little the sell pressure and make the tokens more valuable.


I totally agree with you, it is one of the priorities, because it is happening with the new accounts, because the age of the currency does not affect them, and so it was before in eth, the age of the currency was important, and it affected them.

Hopefully this issue will be discussed and taken into account in today’s meeting.
along with finding a use for the Yup token.