Reduce Token Emissions

Since token emissions have been quite high and poorly reflect usage at the moment. In preparation for a bear market and a longer time period in which people will join the network, we propose reducing emissions, with a couple of approached suggestions:

  1. Reduce manually to something like 40,000 YUP a day and still decreases by 100/day as is currently from there.
  2. Reduce dynamically based on active users, something like (Real users / Target users) x Initial Emission

Any thoughts? Will add more information as this solidifies.


Great initiative! Also, its really cool that we can implement such mechanism!!

Reducing by burning without touching the minting for me seems much better since it leaves the minting schedules untouched, playing too much with minting seems worse than just burning as it looks like there is no stable emission.

Implementing only burn for reducing emissions at least for me looks more stable and easier to adjust for different needs.


isn’t the end result exactly the same though considering that most platforms will subtract burned tokens from total to calculate real total?

not sure I see the difference really

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As you said in the meeting today: Burnring unclaimed tokens.

I think burning unclaimed tokens from creators would be a great option!

A condition to be added here would be: if a user did not claim the creator rewards after 3 month, those tokens should be burned.