Rating Fee - small fee for each rating action

To deter sybil attacks, it may be worthwhile putting a small fee on rating transactions. Something like 1/100,000 of YUP supply held by user. What do you all think?


I agree with this.

For this, Yup should airdrop very small amount of YUP to new accounts (for example 0.1 YUP) to begin rating.

And this fees can eventually be burned!!!

I guess if you calculate the fee from the held yup by its nature it will desinsentive holding( since the fee will be greater the more YUP you have in balance), also is vulnerable to transfers where you would divide 1 yup to 100 other users to lower the fee. Moreover considering implementing such a fee will affect the whole network it should be implemented temporarily and analyzed if it brought benefits and if it did put back in place.

I think users right now receive 0.1 YUP on signup.

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I think it is a good measure to implement fee, but as mentioned by other users, you have to be careful and make correct calculations and put it on trial for a while, before it is a definitive implementation.

One possible outcome of this implementation will be that those users who are not receiving rewards because of no follow-up votes, will be discouraged to vote with fees. Because they are paying to vote in the hope of getting YUP curator rewards. If they don’t get rewards, they might not want to spend YUP.