Random spanish section in discord

The community in Spanish is big and active enough to need a random section, this would help to maintain a little more order in it.


Yeah LFG!!!

Create one in English and another one in Spanish. That would be great to keep an active community when you want to talk about something OT.

Really glad you brought this up because it’s hard for us to gauge what’s being spoken about in the #spanish channel. @Darkod, you should get together with @cryptoleon and @psychologyxx and hash this out, but sounds like a great idea.

The “Azar” channel.

Hope that’s the appropriate word for it :sweat_smile:


I read “Azar” and imagined something about orcs and swords xd

The best translation for random is “Aleatorio”, “Azar” is the same but not the same.

I think we use the word “random” more than the other two.


AZAR: In general, this word is related to betting games or to be lucky in them.
ALEATORIO: it is more generic or broad, which can cover a little of everything

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To establish this, we would have to take into account, for example, or include the channels that we can only provide real and immediate assistance, and access to direct information. With this I say that we cannot help with the support, bug or others that require the necessary permissions to make the pertinent arrangements, for this we will have to continue attending the already existing channels.

what channels could be inside —>

ALEATORIO en Español

  • Comunicados
  • Competencias
  • Contenido sobre YUP
  • Arte y NFT
  • Colecciones
  • General
  • Introducción
  • Enlaces
  • Discuciones Técnicas
  • Hablemos del Token
  • Chat de Audio/VOZ en Español

A label “#ESPAÑOL” could also be created in order to be able to make a call or ring to all those users who have said label, in order to be able to communicate or use it for important issues in the said language.


I agree there should be another #Spanish channel, just for random topics, yup yup count my vote in on that.

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apoyo a la comunidad en español

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Que nombre se le puede poner al canal:

  • Aleatorio
  • Random

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