Quality versus quantity

Hello guys, greetings to the entire yup community, I am writing to you about a proposal for the voting system. Rating let everyone know that a repowering took place in which the number of votes per 24 hours was tripled, however. I believe that this is not a good technique because consciousness is lost when voting for having so many selections, previously, having 29 selections a day, voting was done with greater awareness because of having a more controlled number of selections, in short , I very humbly believe that if we return to have the voting system as it was before, it will be much more beneficial for the protocol, yes, since there will be more responsibility when voting with this I say goodbye happy day.

What is the limit of number of votes per day you would like?
  • 120 ( no change )
  • 60 ( 20 more votes than before the change )
  • 40 ( the same amount before the change )

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I am the one who thinks that the amount of votes should be according to the amount of YUP each Yupster owns but in a more โ€œRadicalโ€ way for example:
The beginning:
You own 0.1 YUP you get 10 votes.
You own 50 YUP you get 15 votes
You own 100 YUP you get 20 votes.

You own 1000 YUP get 30 votes
You own 2000 YUP you get 40 votes

And finally reward those who have the most YUP in their possession:

You own 4000 YUP you get 60 votes
You own 5000 YUP you get 80 votes

The amount of votes per amount of YUP that you have is an example, but I think that rewarding those who have more YUP with more votes is a good way for the Yupsters to make HOLD, also if it is possible to take into account the age of the coin to encourage to make HOLD and that is another more visible utility to the YUP Token.

And if a user wants more votes why not have the option to buy it and pay in YUP?

The proposal already exists and I think it is a good idea too, if I want to vote more and I want to pay for it, why is it not possible?

It should also be in debate the seniority, the reputation of each yupster in YUP and should give him benefits such as votes.

Because to get easily a lot of votes many people will not value it, for example currently there are new accounts that are dedicated to vote with one or more accounts all or almost all NFT minted in foundation.app.


interesting proposal but I do not agree with the votes and the number of yups that you posted, in my opinion there should have been more votes for the number of yups that you posted and I know it was an example but well letโ€™s hope if this proposal is taken very seriously account soon.


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