Purchase of energy to continue healing or voting

Give the possibility that users can recharge energy in FIAT currency or equivalent to Token Yup, with a limitation, such as an anti-2-FAST anti-system, where each energy recharge that you will significantly increase the price of the next recharge . This price will be restarted every 24 hours.

Recharge prices according to the amount made on the day remain as follows and the amount of yup to have in your account to be able to acquire energy packets:

$ 1 USD. 1.000 YUP
$ 2 USD. 2.000 YUP
$ 4 USD. 3.000 YUP
$ 8 USD. 4.000 YUP
$ 16 USD. 5.000 YUP
$ 32 USD. 6.000 YUP
$ 64 USD. 7.000 YUP
$ 128 USD. 8.000 YUP
$ 256 USD. 9.000 YUP
$ … … YUP

It is clarified that to acquire any payment package before, the amount of YUP according to the PLUS cost to load into energy should be in its account. Example: If I make four recharges in less than 24 hours, I will pay $ 1 for the first recharge but I should have more than 1000 yup, $ 2 for the second own more than 2000 yup, $ 4 for the third with more than 3000 yup, and Last $ 8 for the room with more than 4000 yup, etc. …

All energy recharges that are paid in yup would burn 50% of those tokens and the other 50% will be returned to be distributed.


I would add that in order to buy more rating the user must have a certain amount of YUP in his account, if you want to buy more rating, besides paying for it you must have at least 1000 YUP.


Alli modify, I think this one goes better. Thank you very much for contributing

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Your proposal was discussed at the meeting today, and I mentioned that to make people buy YUP and keep them in their accounts, the price should depend on the amount of YUP they have, if you have few YUP the price should be high, and if you have more YUP it should be less, of course on the first purchase, then the second purchase could be double.

I also mentioned that the price should be calculated by the team so that they can afford the resources with these payments.