Proposal to strengthen the token economy and stimulate the saving and blocking of tokens by the Yupsters

The title of the ranking loan:

In order to vote, the user will have to block their yup

The blocking of the tokens will have 4 bands of time

5 days

10 days

15 days

30 days

Once the yup tokens are blocked, you will be able to Vote

The longer the blocking time and blocked token, the greater the number of votes.

Once the blocking time is over, the yupster can withdraw all his tokens plus his rewards.

But he will have to block his yup again to be able to vote again.

Example, be careful, this is happening to me here on the fly, whoever wants to contribute:

If there are 4 time bands, each band could have rating bands:

5 days —-> 25% —from 1 to 1000yup

10 days—> 50%—from 1001 to 2500yup

15 days —> 75%—from 2501 to 10000 yup

30 days —> 100% more than 10001yup

This is based on being able to have more votes.

That is to say, to have more rating, apart from what each user already has, they will have to block their yup in the period they like the most.