Proposal to make a more obvious edge for extension's colourful dots

When we vote for an NFT or any Twitter post there is a mark left for that on the extension which is good but with due respect to our dedicated yup team, I want to inform you that the mark (thinly highlighted dots) is not well visible for so many users. As a result, so many users include me going to vote for that same content (specially NFTs) again which make us delete the previous vote thus we sometimes crossed our daily transaction limit and got a limit of 24 hours. When it happened we can not vote for the next 12-24 hours. So here I am requesting our honourable Yup team to make those highlighted dots more visible by making them thicker or bolder. I think It will make the yup extension more dynamic and more user friendly.

Thank you.


Something like in the picture would be ideal
The dots is slightly bigs and the white border is even more visible.

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agree with you bro something like that would be great.