Proposal to fix bug on yup extension


I would like to inform you that earlier I have voted for a few NFTs after voting it cost my rating but when I have checked my yup extension activity I didn’t find those voted NFTs link there and on my yup profile too.

I also want to inform you that, my yup extension account showing less yup than I have received on the EOS account.Moreover I believe that other user also facing the same issue right now.

I think it’s a visual bug or something, therefore I’m requesting the yup team to fix the bug or issue.


EOS: cryptoleonxx
Browser: Brave Browser
OS: Windows 10
Platform: extension

The votes are being processed because they are recorded on the blockchain and are visible on, but they are not visible on or in the extension in the activity part.


Tengo este problema, al momento de votar se consume la energia y no marca la calificación de mi voto.


I have also presented the same problem for 4 hours that has consumed my rating and in it registers it but it does not register it in my profile and it is as if I practically lost the vote …


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Hey @Cryptomanix, thanks for letting us know. Pinging my devs about this now!


ok, hope it will be solved asap.

Looks like it’s an issue with Dfuse, one of our data storage solutions, we’ve contacted them and we’ll let you know as soon as we know more! Should be fixed shortly


should we vote by this time, will it be counted?

Hi, i also present this problem. Iam voting, it consumes My rating but My vote is not reflected

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that’s what I don’t know either, that’s why I didn’t vote.

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right now the problem is solved, would like to thank @PBJ Sir and Yup team for their quick response and solution.

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Voting is back to normal and all previous votes will are reflected in the app and extension. Thanks for your patience guys

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