Proposal for the YUP- NASCAR World Racing Championship 2022

Hello Yuspter , pbj also agrees to do 1 or 2 monthly races, where the winner will have 1 reward. :racing_car: :racing_car:

If the number exceeds 8 players, a 3 round competition will be held and the winner qualifies for the final.
Expecting another group to compete and the winner will go through to the final.
There will be a poll to agree on the schedule that the whole community can do the competitions and if they want it to be 1 or 2 times a month.

If you have more ideas to contribute, you are welcome to do so.

Hora- Time

  • 16:00 UTC
  • 18:00 UTC
  • 20:00 UTC

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  • Cada 15 días - every 15 days
  • cada 30 días - every 30 days

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Hello Yuspter , Pbj está también de acuerdo en hacer 1 o 2 carreras mensuales, donde el ganador tendrá 1 recompensa.

Si el número supera a 8 jugadores, se realizará una competencia de 3 vueltas el ganador . clasifica para la final .
Esperando que compitan otro grupo y el ganador pasará a la final.
Se realizará una encuesta para acordar el horario que toda la comunidad pueda para realizar las competiciones y si quieren que sea 1 o 2 veces mensuales.

Si tienen mas idea para aportar bienvenida sea.


wow this going to be more exciting and fun for the entire community thanks for taking this initiative… and I am eagerly waiting to have a race between us @rottweilasbl :wink::heart:

love this idea lol
voted for every 15 days


love it! i can also change the race track and make it more long and difficult mwahahaha ill be working on it.
while I am working on the track, the area will be closed with a password until the day of the event.

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Time to put those Need for speed days to the test! Great initiative!

I think it’s perfect. this way each race has different obstacles. and the fact that it’s longer sounds great.

get those engines ready. hahah

and I win. the 15-day option.
We need to get those engines ready haha.

get those rubber and engines ready. hahah