Problem with account registration with Twitter

EOS: barjormuxxxx
Browser: Chrome
OS: Windows 7
Platform: Registration

Hello I registered with a Twitter account and the extension never worked, now I want to log in again and it tells me: Account not found.

In short I have not been able to use the extension or vote, I wonder how you can help me to start using YUP.

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Hey, thanks for reporting this. Where are you currently trying to login? The extension or webapp?

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Good, I start from the web application and open the user, but the one that does not work or open is the yup extension ...

How can I recover the yup extension and that I put the password and nothing says user not found, who helps me?

Hey, so your account does exist in our db. How are you currently trying to sign in? Since you signed up with twitter, you need to click the “Sign in with twitter” button, instead of entering your username. Let me know if that helped.