Problem when voting

EOS: cryptoleonxx
Browser: Brave browser
OS: Windows 10
Platform: rating

9:29 PM
Wednesday, August 11, 2021
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Currently I have been able to vote, the rating is discounted, it is recorded in the blockchain but the vote is not visible neither in the extension.




The same thing happened to me 1 hour ago.

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Tengo el mismo problema.

Hey, thanks for posting. Is this still happening to you all? I’m Not able to recreate it on my end. If it is I’ll look deeper into this right now!

It was several hours with the problem, but right now I can see the photos made in and the votes made at this moment are instantly visible in the extension, so it is currently working fine in my case.

And yes, the error was for everyone as far as I could verify in, people could vote, the rating was deducted and it was registered in the EOS blockchain but it was not visible neither in the api nor in