Problem creating account!

Good day!

Guys I bring you this problem that I have to create my account, I have been trying for two months and nothing, the api shows score 0 for two months when the account has assets, then I tried yuplive score check and it came out black, now I try again today and it comes out that it doesn’t even have a balance in polygon when I have a balance I really don’t understand what’s going on it seems that there was a bug with my wallet.

Annex screenshots

the eth account I want to register is this 0xBD5A03a551EA3Ae2d7f4C4a507b07050CFb3f7DC
I hope you can check what is happening so that it can be resolved and the same thing does not happen to other users.


So at the time, you tried to make an account your score was 0 and logged/saved.
because you are not a yup user the yup score for performance reasons is refreshed less often.
So even if your score now would be bigger it won’t be updated until the next refresh date has passed.

Technically someone with admin rights on yup-score DB can force a score refresh on any address, but there isn’t any such person really that will do those manual actions.

One thing to keep in mind is when you are a yup user score will be refreshed much more often, 2 or 3 times a day( example YUP Live Vote List ) but for addresses that are not yet a YUP user refreshes are much more slowly so to not affect the performance of the API.

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