Polygon Migration AMA

Here to answer any questions you guys have about the polygon migration


Yup treasury will continue to pay tx fees for yup actions?


Hey @SatBalwyn, we don’t currently use treasury funds to cover those fees - Yup the company covers those, and we will continue to cover them once we migrate. Note: fees on Polygon will be even lower than on EOS, and a portion of our protocol logic is off-chain.


Hello! o/ I would like to know if we will have the possibility to login to the extension by linking our Polygon address.

And the other question is, will the “Top 500 YUP Holders” still be displayed from the EOS string or will it now be updated from some Polygon network scanner?


1 - Yes, you can log in through having ownership of an EVM address.

2 - EOS YUP token will have 0 relevance in the future so even if you’ll be able to see some holders of YUP on EOS, that token will have value only while is still claimable to polygon, after that it will be a dead token, and probably will have only historic value, as the past transactions will still be available on EOS blockchain, also there’s the possibility the token contract on EOS to be updated in a way that will make the token nullified ( meaning it won’t even be a dead token).


Thanks for your response, waiting for the migration to Polygon. :star_struck: