Poll: Claim or Stream rewards?

For curator/creator rewards, would you prefer to automatically receive rewards (streaming) or manually claiming rewards (as is done with most rewards-based projects)?

  • Streaming rewards directly to me
  • I’ll claim rewards when I want !

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Common questions on the discord: I’ve been using yup for x weeks and still not rewards. Why?
Why I’m not getting any rewards?
No rewards in x days.

It may look simple solution to keep rewards flowing as it is now but it DOESN’T look like industry standard. In between loads of voting notifications, there are few yup rewards notifications that makes user think that they haven’t got any rewards.

By making this a standard claim mechanism, we can show what they are getting rewarded for. Is it for curation, creation or LP or something else.

This is more like quality of life kinda upgrade/change to reward distribution system. You don’t already know that you want it unless you use it.


Hey @harsh, I think your point about attribution is very strong, but think we can improve our notification system to solve that. I don’t see any reason why we can’t batch reward notifications based on the criteria you mentioned (curator, creator or LP rewards) or even individual posts. If that’s the main qualm with streaming, that can surely be fixed.

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For now, we can implement solution based on notifications.
But I still feel strongly about my suggestion.

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I strongly but respectfully disagree. Don’t think users need to be informed via claiming.

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I want to ask, why did I not/get reward yup?


EOS: Saddam23
Browser: kiwibrowser
OS: Windows
Platform: rewards

EOS: Saddam23
Browser: Kiwibrowser
OS: Windows
Platform: rewards

I haven’t received a prize for a week, please help on my account…thank you