[Opinion] ~ What do you think of Yup's homepage design?

Hello Yupster!

I hope everyone is doing well, recently a question came up, whether the main page of Yup can be improved or not, whether it shows the right information or more data is needed to convince both investors and users to join.

Personally I think that the main page is fine for now, however it is true that it can be much better and more complete, with the Roadmap included, collecting opinions of personalities with many followers who have liked Yup or doing it with the Captures of the Meetings that are made weekly.

What do you think?

Would you make changes to the main page or leave it as it is?


For now, it is fine. But I would love to see some changes in near future in direction of making it lightweight. Because I can feel the lag while using the website.

Roadmap is the thing everyone looks for when visiting the project website for the first time.


I like it! :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you think of the Yup Homepage?

  • Needs improvement soon
  • Good Enough for now
  • Amazing, I have no complaints
  • Hate it! Fix ASAP
  • Meh

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I like it took and looks like most people agree that it’s not a top priority just yet. Let’s circle back to this in a few months @franzzonline

Love the initiative


We would love to see these things on our roadmap summary.

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