New Rating System [UPDATED Prototype]


  1. Limited no. votes per user as compared to fractional rating currently in use. This can limit resource usage. Lesser mathematical complexity to determine ratings.
  2. Modern look and feel. Less cluttered.
  3. More options to vote. No need of negative rating as I included negative emojis.
  4. Ratings stop at number 99. But in this system, it actually shows “popularity” of posts/content by showing number of votes/voters.
  5. Universal set of emojis for almost all content.
  6. Ease of use and rate/vote.

Surely Yup team can do the new maths of this rating system and figure out if actually this is possible or not.

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Hey @harsh. Glad you you’re diving deeper into our rating system. You definitely hit on a really important point here. It seems that a good portion of people are still confused by how the influence score and dot rating system work.

The problem with just emojis for rating is you don’t allow people to rate with nuance, falling into the same problem that many social media metrics have; quantity over quality.

Only taking into account # of ratings vs total influence score also falls into the same boat.

That being said, there’s definitely a way in which we can highlight influence scores and the dot system in a more clear and simple way. For instance the colors could signify the influence score of the post, taking into account the influence of each rater, but the # could just be how many people voted (like you have here).

Just my two cents on the matter. Definitely think we should discuss further in the community meeting :slight_smile:

I understand problem with my proposed rating style. Main issue I was facing was that influence score for particular post gets stuck at 99 and colour Green. That too with just 30-40 votes. I believe that part need attention.

Issue with dot rating system I find is that rating power reduces rapidly as I vote with higher number of dots. Because of that most people use 2 dots as standard rating for all content. To vote more.

Beside that, I believe 7 emoji rating system with dots can work. I can design that UI.

Here’s another take on improving current rating experience:

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Yes they can do the new maths for the rating system. I think it will be better if they change the reward system.