New LP fees structure

Hello, again :sweat_smile:

So, I want to put this idea into the thinking process that Yup should charge fees for adding, removing LPs, staking, unstaking LP tokens and claiming YUP rewards. Either in flat YUP rate or flat $amount in ETH/MATIC.

Also, penalty for removing liquidity in short term. For example, some % of total staked/rewards if removing within a month. That is a fairly common practice in many projects.

All this will go to Yup Treasury.

This is a matter of treasury sustainability. I hope you guys will put your thoughts into this.


I like these ideas!

For the second one, I think what’s more standard is for a LP to receive less APR for a committing to a shorter lock-up period. Although this won’t feed into the treasury directly, less YUP emissions will theoretically result in higher price. Interested in exploring a penalty system as well though.

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Penalty should be upfront, not like Karma that will come back and hit you next time.

I agree with the importance of treasury sustainability while a nearly-quit penalty system seems good. However, tbh, the first and the most important action for yup community is designing a commission-based revenue model by adding more utilities to $yup.


Remember that the non-reduction in the distribution of rewards for LP has already been voted

If penalties are going to be added to the operations applied in LP, it should also be applied to all other operations where the token is involved. Because when you’re on Polygon, you’re going to see like 90% of the users are going to be selling their rewards all the time (@PBJ ). There I want to see how you are going to do to sustain the price.

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