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Yup is not DeFi. Yup is not financial service. Yup is not a layer solution.

Yup is social media of Web3. Yup believes in NFTs. That’s why we need to focus on the product side of Yup that provides purpose to use Yup. You guys know Zapper & Zerion, right? They provide great overview of crypto portfolio across the chains and platforms. I say we build a dashboard for NFTs. Where users/creators connect their wallet and can look at their NFTs in their wallet. That will be dedicated to only NFTs, not other coins or tokens.

Inspiration for this proposal:


Hey adding my thoughts from Discord here b/c think it helps move the conversation along.

We’ve discussed having a Yup score where you can paste a link to an NFT and see the Yup score associated with it (this would follow a more robust Yup score, akin to something like the defi degenscore). But we could potentially integrate something like armada so that you can search for the NFT by name or link.

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