New Badge System

We’re building out a badge system to gamify the experience of doing meaningful actions on Yup and to help navigate users around different parts of the product.

Here are some names and actions for potential badges we came up with. We want to keep it to five categories with 3 tiers in each one. What do you guys think?

  • What rewardable actions did we miss?
  • What should be taken out?
  • Any better ideas for names?


  • Provide Email - Paperboy
  • Link Twitter - Birder
  • Link Ethereum Address - Etherean


  • Rate 1 time - Yupster
  • Rate 100 times - Opinionated
  • Rate 5000 times - Dogmatic


  • Create a collection with at least 5 posts - Scavenger
  • Create 5 collections - Tastemaker
  • Create 50 collections with at least 5 posts - Curatoooooor

Charlie: Curator, Power Curator, Elite Curator?


  • Rate 10 times using the extension - Scout
  • Rate 100 times using the extension - Explorer
  • Rate 500 times using the extension - Globetrotter

Web App

  • Edit Profile - Stylist
  • Rate 50 posts in “Daily Hits” - Cool Kid
  • Rate 50 posts in “NFT Gallery” - Connoisseur


  • Rate 50 times on Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, or Gmaps - Old School
  • Rate 50 times on SuperRare, Foundation, Opensea, Rarible, Zora, or Audius - Web3 Wizard
  • Rate 250 times on integrated sites - Jack of All Trades

wow!! cool Idea this is… what if there is another option to recognize the best curator of the week or month as the top 10 best curators of the month??


First of all, thank you!

For linking, I think we should give a white tick mark inside a circle that indicates verified on Yup.

For rating, 1 and 100 are very very small targets.

For collections, we can do an “explorer” badge who diversifies the collection across platforms, with quality.

For extension, 10, 100 and 500 are very small targets.

For integrations, 50 & 250 times is small number considering current rating power.


I sincerely hope that badges vanishes if user do something suspicious or actions are retracted in future which disqualifies them for getting a badge.



This is very cool, but it looks very easy to achieve if these numbers are, it should have a larger scope to make it a big job to achieve it as @harsh mentions.


I like this a lot. Maybe as it’s own seperate category. The people competing for the best curator spot could be displayed in a “Top curators of the week” section as well.


Hey @harsh, appreciate the feedback.

So the idea behind the first couple badges being easy to receive, is that we want to encourage new users to explore different features of the app and have a relatively easy reward for doing so. Then once they’re hooked, we make the last badge much harder to achieve add an additional incentive to staying active long-term.

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. We can continue to add more badges in each category as we go
  2. This is mostly a mechanism for newer users to have more of a reason to start rating and explore the app when they aren’t earning much rewards to start.

That being said, maybe we should make the second and (especially) third badge a little more difficult to receive.

What would you consider verified on Yup exactly? Maybe when someone has their Twitter and Ethereum address linked?


We currently have 3 ways to join Yup. If a user completes all 3 verifications, user can earn a “verified” on yup badge.


Yup I like that idea

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wow glad to know that boss you like my idea.
yup, you got it. It will be more exciting for yupsters competing among them to achieve a spot on top position. Thus it will make yup more competitive and fun. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thanks a lot Yup team.
Really it is a very good idea to make a competitive field among yupsters. If Everybody could see their position then they could take step to improve them.

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A badge for those who tag yup_io in other Twitter accounts… 5 mentions and you earn the badge (rattle, blab or communicator) and the badge gives you 15% more influence in votes… I know 5 mentions are few but if we see all those who are signed up and that half or a little more of the people make their 5 mentions, it will be many… It could be 5 a day or 30 in a week and so you get it for the entire week.

Let the extension know when you mention the yup account


This is a very cool idea and I like the name for the badges as well. I think to make it simpler we could have a badge for connecting your Twitter account and following the Yup account? It would quite difficult to track mentions I believe.

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And tracking retweets? But only the ones from yup, the idea is to make yup more known

To track twitter activity, we can put up a monthly quest!


It would be interesting if you could earn a little bit of influence by earning a badge, it would be something that can’t be transferred instead of earning $YUP.

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I want to ask, why is my balance not increasing and how do I increase my balance? Thank You

I have a few suggestions for the UI and system of badges. These screenshots are based on a very popular fantasy sports app. But the inspiration can come from anywhere, right?

The main idea of these badges/awards is the level system. The more you use the Yup app, the more the chances of you earning badges.

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