Multi-chain Yup Score

We can all agree on a multi-chain future. That is why Yup should consider adding Arbitrum, Optimism, and possibly zkSync in the Yup score. We currently have Ethereum and Polygon included in the score.

This will motivate users to try out different L2s and improve yup score.

What do you all think?


What chains would be most interesting to you?
What should we track on those chains?
How important is zk-shielded activity being added to your score calculation?

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relevant: The Landscape of Web3 Scores and Algorithms โ€” Andrew Hong

At first, Arbitrum and Optimism were the first two names that came to my mind. Iโ€™ve been doing activities on these two chains because it is a lot cheaper than Ethereum. I donโ€™t think every user can afford even low gas fees on mainnet because it translates to a high $ amount even with low gwei values. So, it makes sense to consider the activities of the L2s into yup score and influence. Also, Iโ€™ve been active on the L2s like zkSync and Aztek for some time now.

I am not saying to replace Eth and Polygon from yup score but to include growing L2s.