Modifying the App Layout

I find using Yup app time consuming as I need to scroll and click more often. I have a solution in mind. It is more like UI solution but I’m sure all of us will agree on this proposal and probably will be applied soon.

Here it is:

Right now, every content consumes same/similar amount of space on the user’s feed. I think we should use the space smartly. For example, tweets, can we make it look more like they are embedded? It will look neat and minimal.

Also, comment section is least used feature of the app. I propose to remove it.

For YT videos, same as embedded thing. For NFTs, is it possible to make them look just like their thumbnails?

You can see, this kind of change in arrangement and space will make it more user friendly.

Let’s discuss this in the comment section.


NFTs size is high so it takes time to load and NFTs gallery use too much ram and CPU on my pc as result often hangs/slow down my pc. So I also think if possible here a solution needs.

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Hey @harsh,

Thanks for putting together a design for this idea, it looks great.

I think having pinterest style columns for content is cool, but I worry that if you replaced these with actual content it would be quite messy with all the different formats and content to be looking at at once. Try it out with real posts and see how it looks!

Also Is there a reason why some of the NFT and Twitter defaults here are so small? I’d imagine that those would be much too small to read or appreciate at that size. Having two columns instead of three could be a good middle ground.


Thanks for the feedback @PBJ

I will surely test this with real posts.

Square boxes are for the twitter profiles, creator profiles on different marketplace as well as appropriately scaled version of thumbs.

I guess that answers your question.


Got it. Yes it does :slight_smile:

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