Migrate YUP community meetings to Twitter Space

Hello Yupsters! I have created a poll to determine if you would like to have our community meetings on Twitter Space or keep having them on Gather as usual.

The main reasons are:

  • Easier from someone from cryptotwitter to join a Space, instead of going to an external site.

  • If someone on Twitter sees that you are in a Space, they can join too, with just 1 click.

  • Twitter Space has a feature to translate/type the conversation at the moment.

  • Gather has some connection flaws when communicating and you have to refresh the site multiple times, making imposible to listen what was said.

Below is the poll for the community to decide:

  • Twitter Space
  • Gather

0 voters

Thanks for your time!


Considering the forum responses, we’re happy to do community meetings in twitter as of next week once we can sort out POAPs.