LP token migration

Noah Solnick

Looking to migrate YUP liquidity to Uniswap v3 and/or to an Ethereum sidechain exchange like Polygon to decrease swap fees and friction for Yup users.


About considering Telos to migrate I think the strongest point now for telos is that is the cheapest chain and has both EVM and eosio standards.

Also, I think it would be possible to create free accounts for some time.

Full disclosure I don’t own any TLOS, I just think is easier to migrate(as you can first use the same eosio standard) and at least for some years until something better comes it can be a good home for yup.

Here’s a comprehensive article about TELOS that you might want to check: Telos’ Ethereum Virtual Machine Set for Launch, Will Be "Real-World Ready"

Here’s a comparison image of EVMs (I don’t know how biased it is):

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Any update on this sidechain development of YUP?

I would love too see Yup migrated to Polygon

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In my case, I would not close the liquidity in Ethereum, I would keep it, but if I would seek to be present in other block chains, to diversify the pressure, since it is demonstrated that the stronger projects are present in multiple chains. As well as being present at Exchange Central Serios to give strength and functionality to the Token in terms of trading.