Integration with Makersplace and knownorigin

I know that YUP is integrated in the best NFT makerplaces like:

I don’t know if it is already integrated with other pages.

But I would like these two pages to be integrated with YUP and to be able to vote with the categories Beautiful and Original:


I support this idea of ​​integrating these two options in yup.


I would propose to add NFTShowroom as well, I think the more diversified the NFT platforms are, the more they can support different creators or artists that sometimes don’t have access to sites like Rarible or Superare.

I agree, good idea! I hope it can be fulfilled


Excellent and very usefull.


Yup yup, we will curarte everything

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I support this proposal.

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Thanks for putting this together @cryptoleon,

this is something we’ve been thinking about doing for a while - glad to see there’s so much support behind it. Let’s discuss this in the community meeting and see where we can fit it into our road map :slight_smile:

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Excelente idea, me gusta mucho la calidad de los NFT en makerplace

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