Integration of Curation with extension on Twitter

Currently, we can only see yup leaderboard, collections, or other special feeds on It should be cool for twitter users to directly see curations on twitter through the extension. For example, through the extension, users could see the most curated nft project.
Twitter is an integrated platform where users could do web3.0 things through extensions like crypto transferring, token swapping via uniswap while is a good extension example bridging web2.0 and web3.0 with a strong ecosystem in web3.0 social sector. It enables users to easily use functions of other crypto projects without going to the project’s website.
Of course, yup could develop our own twitter extension. However, it could be better to co-operate with other web3.0 partners. To integrate with extension, yup users espcially twitter users could get better UX experience while it could be a marketing strategy to attract more non-yup twitter users.

welcome to see replies.


Cool idea! Are you picturing the integration to function like the Yup extension but catered to Twitter?

yup! However, based on your words, I am rethinking the idea with doubt. For yup users, they could go through curations easily through yup native extension while there seems no benefit for them to see curations through Twitter.