Influence low to 20 in the extension for some users

Users are reporting that their influence is down to 20 today and is visible in the extension.

Those in the Spanish community are wondering why this change.


My influence of 99 also under 20


Tenía 94 de influencia y ha bajado a 20. Porque razón?


Tenía 82 y bajo a 20.

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Me too. Please help us

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my influence is at 98 and also down to 20

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my influence is at 94 and also down to 20

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Guys my influence has suddenly dropped from 98 to 20 9/9/2021! i have been hodling and I have not withdrawn any yup to date. Also my influence randomly after 8 months has gone negative in one day sept 2nd.

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Greetings to the entire YUP community as well as many I have been affected by this problem that YUP is presenting, my influence goes down from 94 to 20, I hope it will be solved soon.

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There’s a display issue with the scores. No one’s onchain influence should be affected, just the way the normalized score displays on the UI. A fix is in the works. Issue should be resolved by end of day tomorrow at the latest.


A patch has been deployed. Scores will change one last time early this week once the negative influence proposal has been approved on snapshot.


saludos mi influencia estaba en casi 70 y bajo a 20 cualquier info activo por aqui gracias

Thanks for the update Vern :slight_smile:

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My influence of 73 also under 20