**Idea to cause noise on the web**

Greetings :raised_hand:yupster I came up with something to make a noise on the networks and attract more users:

When the migration to polygon by the team is announced, we users, the Yupster community could organize to publish a (#) On social networks and cause a tsunami of comments and (#) attract the attention of more people to become a trending topic that the world sees us

I think the strategy could be:

-1 that the head of the memes convenes an internal competition to choose the (# ) that will be published, on the day of the announcement. And obviously everyone wins

-2 a few weeks before the announcement click on networks on the (#) finalists such as #sooninyup

#migrationisapproaching things like that

-3 the last thing is migration day drop the bombs and go with everything and let’s all publish the (#) winner


@PBJ and deecentradude what do you think?

I think # tags should be smaller in length.

Yes :+1: short, it’s better

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I like it! We could also rally around polygon posts to get more exposure

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Yup that would be great, good strategy

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